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Who doesn't like going to the Spa!

So why not bring the Spa to you! Having a Spa bathroom in your home is easy with a few tips! Let your bathroom make you feel relaxed every time you enter it with these few bathroom tips for creating a spa-like bathroom in your own home, big or small!

Get Organized!

Especially in small spaces, organizing your essentials is necessary! Where you can, store items like hair dryers, makeup or bathroom products under the sink or in cupboards. Don't have the storage- make it! Use open shelves to store and display your items! Use clear jars or vases to hold cotton balls or q-tips, even makeup brushes! Use baskets for towels or products!

Instant Spa Retreat with just a few organizational items!

Use Calming Colors!

Neutral, colors will helps whisk you away to that spa retreat. Use whites, light grey, or calming light blues to help create a relaxing feel. Bold bright colors will take away from the ambiance.

Bring a little of the outdoors, inside.

Nothing says spa, like a nature retreat! Bring this to your everyday home by incorporating plants or flowers into your space. This will create a healthy earthy feel, exactly what you look for in a spa retreat. I like to use succulents, bamboo or orchids!

Upgrade your shower head.

When I think of a spa, I think of rainfall shower heads, and steam showers! Its easy to transform your shower into a spa-like retreat, by changing out your shower head! Spa shower heads are now easy to find in your local hardware stores, or even walmart!

Buy fancy towels!

Investing in a few, fancy towels will really add a spa feel to your bathroom! Think light colors or white and fluffy! Remember to display your towels neatly, folded and layered on a rack or rolled up on shelves or in baskets.

You cant have a spa without candles or aromatherapy.

Don't forget these two items. Candles and aromatherapy scents are a great way to make your bathroom feel spa like and relaxing.

Last but not least- Must have a bathtub Caddy!

This little thing makes the biggest spa impact! If you don't have one- get one. Bathtub caddys come in so many styles and materials now! They add that extra spa like feel to the look of your space and for YOU when you are having a relaxing bath at the end of the day! Display candles, and books, decorative soaps, and of course-use it to hold your wine! Bathtub caddy's can be inexpensive and found in places like bed bath and beyond, they are even a fun and easy DIY project!

Send us your pictures of your bathroom spa transformations to be posted on our social media page! Thanks for visiting our blog.

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