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Open up your space!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Everyone is looking for that open floor plan space! Here are some tips on how to open up your small space and create the illusion and feel of a bigger open home.

1. Look way up!

A sure way to make your space feel bigger and more open is to draw attention to the vertical! Put shelves up high near the ceiling, this will draw your eye upward, as well as maximize your storage while keeping items off the floor.

2. Keep it light!

Using light colors on the walls and floors will create the feel of a bigger, more airy space.

3. Small space- larger decor

This is a great one. Some feel if they have a small space, small decor items should be used when filling the space. Coincidentally, many small items will clutter a room and make it feel smaller, opt for larger scale decorative items for your space.

4. Be reflective

Using mirrors will help open up your room and reflect light into the space.

5. Move you furniture

Moving your furniture away from walls will create the illusion of a more spacious room

6. Creative Storage

Try to be creative with your storage. Look for furniture pieces that double as a storage compartments. Use Chaise sofas that open up, coffee tables with inside storage, large chests, etc.

7. Large furniture pieces for small rooms

Sometimes using large furniture items can make a room look larger. Opt for one or two bigger pieces than a few small ones!

8. Let there be light!

The proper lighting can play a huge role in the feel of the space. Try to find lighting pieces that point light upwards towards the ceiling, rather than overhead lights that create shadowing on the room.

*Please share your room transformations using these tips to be featured on our social media pages!*

Still need a few suggestions? Book a consultation for your space- we are happy to help!

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